COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

Due to the Mayor’s “Restore Honolulu 3.0” order, Aloha Home Market and it's vendors have to abide by the following rules found in the Mayor's Restore Honolulu 3.0 order

  • No public restrooms - as all  indoor facilities must remain closed. However, we will have a restroom for vendors.

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times

  • Groups are limited to 10 individuals 

  • There must be 6 feet of physical distance between each group of shoppers and between shoppers and vendors at all times

    • This will be dependent on your booth layout: you must make sure that there is 6 feet of space between yourself and your shoppers, as well as 6 feet of physical distance between each of the groups shopping at your booth.

      • This can be done through creating a line and only letting an appropriate amount of people into your booth as space allows.

        • We ask that you take the time to mark a line (with 6 feet increments) extending from your booth so that your shoppers may wait in a socially distant manner before entering your area. We suggest bringing painter’s tape or chalk to create your line prior to the start of the market. 

  • We will supply hand sanitizer for the general public but each vendor will be required to have hand sanitizer on hand for their shoppers and staff.

  • All high-traffic surfaces must be sanitized after each use (ex pens for signing credit card transactions, screens, etc). 

  • All vendors will be required to check their temperature the morning of the market prior to arriving. Please do not vend or attend the market if you have a fever, are ill, or experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness including cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc. 



Aloha Home Market reserves the right to formulate changes, amendments and additions to these rules and regulations if necessary and each seller shall abide by such additional rules and regulations. Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to decision by Aloha Home Market.

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